Swedish Lapland is an international destination for visitors from all over the world and one of only seven places in the world where you can experience the Arctic. Swedish Lapland offers places to visit that you can’t find anywhere else in Sweden, Europe or the world. This region is home to world sensations such as the Icehotel and Treehotel, but also genuine, authentic and small-scale tourism with focus on people and encounters. We invite guests from all over the world to share our everyday arctic life and our way of living – close to nature, respecting it
When the northern lights season is over, a period of never ending light and midnight sun begins. At the end of the summer the circle is completed, when the darkness returns and the auroras can yet again be seen dancing in the skies.The region features mountains, forests, marshes, large rivers, archipelagoes and sea. It’ s the only part of Sweden that borders two countries and this has influenced the region greatly.

Internationally Lapland is a concept used to
describe all of northern Scandinavia. It is an old name for Sápmi, the traditional land for the Sámi people shared between Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.
The Sámi have lived here for thousands of years, long before today’s countries even existed. When settlers, priests and traders started arriving in Sápmi a couple of hundred years ago they came across the Sámi. Since they didn’t speak the same language they simply ’made up’ completely new names for places and people – this is the origin of the name Lapland, among others. The Sámi themselves never changed the name of the area or the people. This is Sápmi, and has always been. Within Swedish Lapland you’ll find experiences designed to provide you with more knowledge about Sápmi, and allow you to familiarise yourself with a truly unique region.

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