We craft outdoor clothing with superior Merino wool and no excuses.
Designed and tested in Norway. Made by Devold in Europe. The Original.
Worn by Norwegian pioneers since 1853.


All press material in german:

Devold Egga 180411-3100.jpg
Devold Trollkyrkja 180411-3262.jpg
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Devold Egga 180411-3992.jpg
Devold Alnes 180411-2522.jpg
Devold Originals 180411-2228.jpg
Devold Ona 180411-2170.jpg
Devold Expedition-Vaksvik 180411-4589.jpg
Devold Ona 180411-4575.jpg
Devold Egga 180410-1942.jpg
Devold Trollkyrkja 180411-3404.jpg
Devold Nibba-Vams 180411-4151.jpg