Is it strong enough to do the job?
Is it compact & light enough to carry?
Those are the big questions when it comes to outdoor adventure equipment and it can be hard to find gear that answers ‘yes’ to both.
Helinox provides you equipment that is both strong and light.

When the world's best expedition tent makers want lightweight alloy poles, there's only one place they go to: the DAC company.
Highly respected in the outdoor industry, DAC has spent many years inventing and refining the techniques needed to produce high-strength lightweight alloy tubing. Along the way they have developed many technical innovations and considerable expertise in design. The DAC research & design facility in South Korea now includes the world's only wind tunnel specifically for tent evaluation and design.
It was from this long history of design & innovation that Helinox was born.
Drawing on the advanced alloys developed by DAC, Helinox products bring the benefits of strong, lightweight, compact design to new fields – camp chairs, camp stretchers, tables and walking poles.

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